Recomendaciones de lecturas y cine de Sci-Fi, Fantasía y otras yerbas.


    16 junio, 2022 por

    Although it is not a particularly hard-fought discussion, and you are unlikely to see it in the newspapers or on television, among High Fantasy books lovers there is a statement that most of them adhere to: that the dragons shown in movies and on television are not really dragons, but rather wyverns. Wyvern? What is… Leer más


    14 marzo, 2022 por

    «Far from here and everywhere, waiting for immortality, through The Priest of the Dead the voice of Kúrugor, He Who Changes His Shape, is revealed.» — Codex Draconis, Kúr. 1, 1-2. Ten years seems like a reasonable time to look back. But it is also an opportunity to look forward. My first novel THE LAST… Leer más

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